Clergy United for Community Empowerment, Inc. (CUCE) is a multi-service agency providing direct services onsite and around New York City.  For information on programs, enrollment or to learn how you can support our work, please email or call 718.297.0720.

HIV/AIDS Intervention Services

CUCE provide HIV/AIDS intervention to persons who are high risk of contracting heterosexual adolescents, men and women of color, parolees, substance users, and HIV focusing on other high risk populations. Comprehensive and supportive case management is provide to ensure timely access to and coordination of medical and psychosocial services.Case management is for persons living with HIV/AIDS, and caregivers. Referrals are provided for syringe exchange programs, entitlements, GED programs, housing, emergency shelters and other services as needed.


Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative Program (IMRI)

CUCE works to reduce the rate of infant mortality in Jamaica, Queens through prevention and education. IMRI staff (link to IMRI director bio) conduct community outreach, encouraging clients to utilize services upon enrollment in any CUCE program.  Health education workshops are provided to pregnant and postpartum women and families with children under the age of two. Workshop topics include but limited to: family planning, smoking cessation, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome prevention, importance of prenatal care, STD nutrition, stress reduction, HIV/AIDS/Preventtion, and breast feeding.

Clothing Distribution Program

CUCE provides clothing for agency clients who are homeless or have been displaced due to fire or eviction. Clothing is distributed Wednesdays 11am-1pm and 2-4pm at the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce 10th floor.  To qualify, individuals must be enrolled as a CUCE client.

Domestic Violence Prevention

CUCE offers prevention and intervention services to persons who are identified as being in abusive relationships (physical, emotional, psychological or verbal) and to effectively secure safety.  Case management services, individual and group counseling are provided.

HIV Intervention to Communities of Color

HIV education is offered to individuals, groups, congregations, and other agencies in order to reduce the rate of HIV infection among communities of color in Queens.  HIV testing and pre/post test counseling are conducted on and off-site.

Early Intervention Services

CUCE offers HIV Testing utilizing the OraQuick Oral (swab) method.  The HIV test involves no needles, no blood and results are given in 20 minutes.  Appointments are preferred, however walk-ins are accepted. We will also test offsite.